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Calculate Thermal U Values For New Build And the carpet foundation Renovation Projects To Meet Part L Building Regulations

It is best to have a whole house plan even if you can only carry out one aspect at a time. E.g. fit internal insulation and ductwork for a heat recovery ventilation sytem even if the actual ventilation unit is fitted later. Most people can go their whole life without knowing the U-value of their building or home, let alone the R-value. However, think of all the money you can save if you can improve the energy efficiency of your space by changing your U-value, as well as your R-value. Still, Ms. Lautz said, big, expensive renovations may be necessary just for sellers to attract interest on photo-heavy real estate websites. “You look at homes online and see the new kitchens and bathrooms that really sparkle,” she said.

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  • Putting in new insulation and garage doors or replacing a roof, siding or windows adds value and saves energy.
  • Thermal bridges can create lower-temperature areas on windowsills which can draw water from the surrounding warmer air.
  • I want to remove pebble dashing which has come loose from a semi detached house and was planning on re-rendering with a final layer of mono couche.
  • This is because other factors potentially come into play; solar gain, appliances giving off heat, even the number of people in the house.

Additionally we do need some data on heating demand; 3500 HDD is a moderate average, which is close to the Central European the carpet foundation demand with a minor lift up by Scandinavian demands. Where Φc is the convective heat flux and Φr the radiative heat flux. Δti is 1 s intervals over which the sensor energy integration is performed. The U-value meter utilized during energy renovation of buildings is explained in more detail in the following, where references are made to Figure 2. SBEM can be downloaded from the National Calculation Methodology website.

Some existing windows may be significantly higher than this, but replacements should improve performance to Part L standards. The ROCKWOOL U-value calculator is a free, online tool designed to help specifiers, selfbuilders and construction stakeholders to calculate U-values for their individual projects using ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation. Designed as a simple, easy to use tool for builders and installers working on residential projects to help established the required U value needed to meet regulations based on existing walls or newbuild properties. Ms. Lautz said people who would like to recoup more of their investment would do better by aiming for boring.

The Window Reveal

Expected savings on walls – calculated to 1,2 U-value units but in reality either 0,6 or 1,8; i.e. plus minus 50 % of the expected savings. Expected savings on windows – calculated to 2 U-value units but in reality 3 units, i.e. 50 % more than expected. These measured U-values are slightly above the expected U-values. The above mentioned reasons for the divergence could be valid here as well. Editor’s Choice articles are based on recommendations by the scientific editors of MDPI journals from around the world.


If you have a material with a poor u-value then you can generally improve it with insulation. Actually, the provision of a new waterproof layer solely as a means of repair to a flat roof is specifically excluded from the definition of ‘renovation’ in the building regulations. This was introduced as an amendment by The Building Regulations 2011. Meanwhile, Approved Document L2A covers the required energy standards during construction of new commercial buildings, and Approved Document L2B covers existing buildings other than dwellings. A complete diagnosis of a building could thus allow for the creation of an understandable list of preferential changes in thermal performance and respective costs of the saved energy.

Major Renovation

Aside from that, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. Unlike manual thermostats, programmable ones can be set to turn the AC on and off on specific hours of the day. A programmable thermostat alone can slash heating and cooling expenses by as much as $180 a year. Instead of wasting your money on fancy additions, consider getting energy-efficient appliances. Energy-star rated appliances use less electricity for the same performance. Also, some states offer tax rebates to homeowners with such appliances.

To reduce the U-value of a structure, construction materials with low U-values should be specified. Thermal performance can also be improved during renovation and refurbishment, and installing effective insulation is a proven and successful method. The ROCKWOOL U-value calculator is backed up by around 2,500 pre-determined calculations which show the overall performance of a wall assembly, or floor and roof build-ups featuring ROCKWOOL insulation solutions.

Triple glazing can easily be used in structural glazing whilst maintaining the frameless glass design that is wanted. You should focus on improvements that will drastically increase the value of your home. Sure, all renovations or additions will add value to your home, but not all will reap a substantial increase. Below, we discuss the renovations you should consider and the ones you should avoid.

There is need for a device that measures the heat loss in a quantitative manner. Convective as well as radiative heat losses are captured and measured with a five-layer thermal system. Heat losses are measured in the SI-unit W/m2K. The aim is to achieve more cost-effective building renovation, and provide a means to check the fulfillment of Building Regulation requirements with respect to stated U-values . In this way it should be possible to greatly reduce energy consumption of buildings. Just as background the original Building Acts were for all buildings, new and old.

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