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You won’t find another business card template like this one anywhere on the Internet. This is a unique business card designed for photographers. And it has an original design that lets you highlight your brand with a logo and a clean layout. The template can be easily customized with Photoshop. If you’re looking for a template to create a business card with a feminine design, this template is perfect for you. It features a trendy floral design with a feminine look and feel.

9 business model canvas

  • Choose from 1,000s of professionally-designed logo templates in popular industries to complete your business card.
  • They outline the bleed area, trim and safe area of your card – so you know exactly how much space you have to work with.
  • This clean and simple business card template is perfect for making a business card for a creative professional or a brand.
  • 1) If your printer supports it, make a second page the exact same, minus your back detail and especially in the centre, so it aligns.
  • However, the template can be easily customized for various brands and professions.

QR code is place in the middle of the back side and the front has the contact details. The used shade of green blends well with the dark theme to give a sharp and classy design. This is a simple design comprised of vertical colored lines and white space behind the lines and the contact details. The labels for the contact details are easy to understand icons and there is room for QR code.

Professional Qr Code Business Card Template

mason jar brewing Premium document designs for creating professional business cards. This premium-looking business card template is actually free to download and use. It comes with a creative design featuring stylish shapes and 3 different color variations.

Brandica Corporate Business Card Template

It’s also available in PSD, AI, EPS, and InDesign file formats. If you’re a designer, artist, or a freelancer, this creative illustrator template will help you craft the perfect business card for you. The template features organized layers and fully editable components that you can customize to change colors and text with a few clicks. In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best modern business card templates in both Photoshop and Microsoft Word formats. You can easily download, edit, and customize them however you like to design your own business card without any expert Photoshop skills.

Unless you spend all your time lurking around the buffet table, there’s a good chance that you’ll go home with a number of business cards. There’s no better way to know if our business card templates work for you than to try one out. Business information is easily accessible through business cards. By knowing another business one can create partnerships. When cutting your business cards apart, be careful.

In this post, we’ll show you the best free Microsoft Word business card templates. A well-designed business card can go a long way towards creating a lasting impression about your brand and business. While designing a business card might seem daunting, you can easily design a business card yourself with the right Microsoft Word business card template. Thesmallest business card templatesize you’ll find in the Solopress range.

Saves Our Time:

The card has a unique design and very few designing curves. Going into much longer conversations with people telling them about your business each time is at times hectic. A business card saves our time by telling the other person necessary details like in what business you are in and what do you do. Let’s pretend that our example company doesn’t have much of a social media presence. For that reason, I delete the Twitter information from the template. If you have an active professional social media presence, type your social media information here instead.

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